Patrick J. English Chairman Executive Chairman, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Fiduciary Management, Inc.

Pat is the Executive Chairman of Fiduciary Management, Inc. (FMI), an independent investment advisor with approximately $14 billion in assets under management. He analyzes stocks, markets and macro conditions, working closely with the analysts and senior leadership team. From 1989-2022, Pat was the Chief Investment Officer. He was the President from 2001-2010 and the CEO from 2010-2022. Pat is a member of the board of directors of Fiduciary Management and the FMI Funds. He is also a member of the Milwaukee Analyst Society and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Pat began his career in research at Dodge & Cox in San Francisco.

Pat is on the board of Encounter for Culture and Education, a non-profit corporation dedicated to strengthening the marketplace of ideas and preserving democratic culture. He has served and supported numerous educational, civic and cultural organizations.

He received a BA in Economics from Stanford University. He is married and has four adult sons.