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Gov. Scott Walker, Millennial Congressmen Gallagher, Steil Headline Wisconsin “Stewardship Series” Event

The Millennial Debt Foundation is headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for an in-depth conversation with two of the brightest young conservative minds in Congress about the fiscal future of America. The third stop in MDF’s Stewardship Series will explore the generational, monetary and national security consequences of runaway deficit spending with millennial Congressmen Mike Gallagher and Bryan Steil as well as former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The digital event will be recorded live at 1:00 PM CT this Friday, April 23 from the offices of The Bradley Foundation and is being co-hosted by the Wisconsin-based Institute for Reforming Government.

As the Stewardship Series makes its way across the country in 2021, each event will reflect the state we’re in and Friday will be no different. After hearing from Gallagher, Steil and Walker, Wisconsin Revenue Secretary Peter Barca and State Representative John Macco, the father of MDF founding board member Nick Macco, will participate in a bi-partisan conversation on civil society and fiscal stewardship.

Please RSVP to join MDF, IRG and The Bradley Foundation on Friday for this unique future-focused event.