Informed Citizens

Supporting education that prepares citizens to engage in a free society.

To encourage the formation of informed and capable citizens, The Bradley Foundation supports organizations and projects that reform and re-imagine systems and institutions of higher education; further outstanding research, teaching, and scholarship; advance alternatives to the K–12 public education monopolies; promote the teaching of American exceptionalism; encourage vocational training and other alternatives to university-based education; and support education for gifted students.

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Landmark Objectives

  • Develop and strengthen academic centers and programs at colleges and universities that uphold rigorous standards of teaching and scholarship to deepen understanding of America’s civic life and founding principles.
  • Build the infrastructure through which trends and practices that are antithetical to an intellectually vibrant campus culture can be disrupted.
  • Support organizations and programs to recruit and train creative talent to use various forms of media to reach new audiences.
  • Strengthen talent pipelines for K–12 school teachers, administrators, and school board members in Wisconsin to improve the capacity of exemplary schools and advance broader reforms.
  • Increase the capacity of private K–12 schools in Milwaukee, and communities across Wisconsin, to improve educational prospects for significantly larger numbers of students.