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A Tribute to Peter Collier

peter-collierThe Bradley Foundation mourns the loss of its friend Peter Collier. Peter was a courageous author and publisher, whose indelible contributions to the conservative world of ideas were belied by a natural modesty that endeared him to those who were fortunate enough to know and to work with him.

Peter’s many accomplishments include the publication of best-selling biographies, books, and novels, most recently his 2012 life of Jeane Kirkpatrick, Political Woman. The Bradley Foundation’s partnership with Peter formally developed in 1998 when he launched Encounter Books to drive intelligent, conservative debate in the tradition of Irving Kristol and Stephen Spender’s literary journal, Encounter. Through Encounter Books, Peter promoted genuine scholarship that underscored authentic intellectual debate and influential policy-making.

Peter will be greatly missed. His contributions to the cause of freedom are everlasting.