Expressions of Educational Freedom

Our Support of Educational Freedom

One of the most consequential decisions a family can make is where to send their child to school. Yet the options have been historically limited for those who live in the toughest environments or have the fewest resources. 

Guided by the view of our founders that a good society is a free society, The Bradley Foundation has played an essential role in freeing parents from the educational restrictions of their zip code. Throughout our nearly four decades of K-12 philanthropy, our guiding principle has remained the same: to give more choice to parents who simply want the best for their child.

In our new video series Expressions of Educational Freedom, grantees highlight in their words, the conditions that lead to student success and share how to narrow the gaps that continue to exist.

It's Up to Us to Choose

A school influences so much more than a child’s academic performance. It shapes everything from their emotional well-being to their family’s social and support network to their ability to discover their purpose. It becomes their community. Considering the lasting impact a school has on a child, parents should have the freedom to choose the one that best fits their children’s needs.  Our last episode of Expressions of Educational Freedom addresses why kids – and families – flourish when they’re engaged in a school community that shares their values.

Nothing is Stronger Than a Parent's Love

Nothing is stronger than a parent’s love for his or her child. Schools that recognize this powerful truth consciously seek to engage with parents. When parents reciprocate, the result is a trusting partnership that leads to student success. Our latest Expressions of Educational Freedom video highlights the power of parent engagement in education.

A Hope That is Contagious

Teachers who have an infectious passion for what they do permeate school culture, so that every single person in the building, from the janitor to the receptionist to the parent volunteer, has a clear sense of purpose. Watch how the contagious hope of a teacher can enrich kids and their communities.  

Helping Students Identify Their Purpose

Learn why the best schools are those that provide environments in which each student is treated as a whole individual, whose academic, emotional, physical, and often spiritual development is nurtured. As a result, students are enabled to identify their purpose, allowing them to lead a life of meaning.

The Power of Educational Freedom

Kids have the very best shot at success when more educational options are available. Watch this video to see how more choices empower families and benefits students. 

Featured K-12 Grant Recipients


The Augustine Academy


The Augustine Academy

The Augustine Academy is an educational community that partners with parents to prepare young people to thoughtfully engage with the world. Recognizing that parents should be the primary guides of their child’s character and faith formation, their model offers a hybrid approach that allows families to participate in homeschooling and formal instruction.





The Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT)

The Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) identifies, prepares, and supports high-performing urban teachers and leaders for private, charter, and public schools. Participants of CfUT’s training programs have high success rates: 96% are placed within one year of graduation; 85% are placed in an urban school; and 81% serve for four or more years compared to the national average of 50% who leave the profession within five years.


Divine Savior Academy


Divine Savior Academy

Divine Savior Academy takes a faith-centered and family-oriented approach to educating children from early childhood through high school. The growing network currently has 1,200 students across multiple campuses in Florida and Texas. They have made it a priority to integrate and fully support students with special needs and those on the Autism spectrum.




Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE)

Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) is one of Wisconsin’s largest private school networks, with more than 2,000 students enrolled in nine schools. Its focus is on grounding each student in the foundation of Catholic faith. Hispanic families in GRACE schools are able to participate in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Outreach Program, which has been integral to community building and providing parental support.




Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA)

Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA) was established to support southeast Asian immigrant children whose families felt that a school that upheld their traditions, language, and values would better encourage a culture of achievement. Today, HAPA is one of Milwaukee’s highest performing schools, serving nearly 1,800 students in kindergarten through grade 12. The school is a central hub for hundreds of Hmong families striving to succeed in their adopted homeland.



Kingdom Prep


Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School

Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School is an all-boys high school serving young men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that is committed to faith, service, experience, and excellence. Kingdom Prep’s vision is to be a place where young men develop their God-given gifts to lead in the home, serve in the Church, engage in meaningful work, and transform the community.



Messmer Catholic Schools-1


Messmer Catholic Schools

Messmer Catholic Schools is a system of three grade schools and one high school that strives to prepare students to be morally and spiritually grounded and to pursue a life of meaning and service to the communities in which they live. Messmer places an emphasis on helping students identify and nurture their true vocations, whether that path leads to a four-year degree, a career in the trades, or entrepreneurial pursuits.



Milwaukee Lutheran

Milwaukee Lutheran High School

Milwaukee Lutheran High School is one of the largest and oldest Lutheran high schools in the nation, with 115 years of service to area families. Its approach goes beyond academics to offering a nurturing and loving environment for intellectual, social, and spiritual development. Milwaukee Lutheran’s career institutes are designed to immerse students into subjects in which they have a particular interest or aptitude so they may develop sound plans for their futures.