S1, Episode 9: An Interview with Brandon Detweiler

Posted by Benjamin Hannemann on October 20, 2023



An Interview with Brandon Detweiler, Head of Product, Foundation for American Innovation

The movement to expand parental freedom in education continues to experience momentum, an encouraging sign that families are demanding more choices for their children. Dozens of states have passed laws to open K12 opportunities over the last few years, and even more are considering doing the same. Yet many families still don’t send their children to a school that best fits their needs even after these laws are passed because they are unaware of their new education options.

Our guest on this episode of Voices of Freedom is Brandon Detweiler. Brandon’s work focuses on ensuring that information about a family’s K12 opportunities is literally at their fingertips.

Topics discussed by Brandon Detweiler and Rick Graber, President and CEO, The Bradley Foundation, include:

  • Obstacles that prevented education freedom from taking off earlier
  • The development of Schoolahoop, an app that informs families about their K12 options
  • Lessons learned from the initial launch of Schoolahoop, including feedback from parents and the education community
  • Outreach efforts to inform families of educational opportunities, including scholarships
  • The implementation measures that parental choice advocates should consider as they try to advance education opportunity in their states

Brandon Detweiler is the head of product at the Foundation for American Innovation. He has a background in edtech, online learning, and e-commerce at Veritas Press, where he helped lead and grow the largest and oldest online classical Christian school in the country and launched the Phonics Museum Reading App.