S1, Episode 4: An Interview with Scott Niederjohn, Economist, Writer, and Professor

Posted by Benjamin Hannemann on August 10, 2023

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An Interview with Scott Niederjohn, Economist, Writer, and Professor

Economic freedom unleashes creativity and innovation in a way that no other economic or political system has been able to match. The U.S. is the home of some of the most groundbreaking inventions in history precisely because its citizens have the right to engage freely in enterprise. Thomas Edison’s light bulb, the Wright brothers’ airplane, and Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone are just a few examples of how economic freedom has advanced human progress and generated overall prosperity.

Despite the undeniable benefits of economic freedom, movements from within both the left and the right are increasingly inclined to give government more power to intervene in business and displace competition by expanding entitlements.

Dr. M. Scott Niederjohn is our guest on this episode of Voices of Freedom. His life’s work has centered around teaching people about the benefits of economic freedom and elevating free enterprise.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to incorporate economics into lesson plans, including U.S. history
  • Critical race theory’s impact on economic freedom
  • Economic mobility vs equity
  • Advancing the case for economic freedom and free enterprise
  • States that are the most economically competitive
  • Economic challenges of civic leaders
  • The future of economic freedom in the U.S.

Niederjohn is Professor of Economics and Director of the Free Enterprise Center at Concordia University in Mequon, WI. He has worked in academia for nearly two decades, serving as professor, department chair, college dean, and senior vice president. He is a widely known scholar and prolific researcher in the areas of economic education and public policy analysis. In 2013, Niederjohn was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach at the University of Luxembourg.