S2, Episode 4: An Interview with Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Posted by Benjamin Hannemann on March 21, 2024

Judge Janice Rogers Brown


An Interview with Judge Janice Rogers Brown

The U.S. Constitution has held our Republic together through wars, the Great Depression and civil unrest. Yet for all that it has helped us endure, the Constitution faces great challenges. 

Will Americans cherish and defend it, or bend to efforts to weaken and undermine it? 

Our guest on this episode of Voices of Freedom is Judge Janice Rogers Brown. She shares her thoughts on whether citizens have the “discipline and toughness” required to safeguard the Constitution and addresses other significant Constitutional matters.

Brown was confirmed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in 2005, where she served until 2017. Before that, she was an associate judge of the California Supreme Court.

Topics discussed on this episode: 

  • What drew Judge Brown to a career in law and the principles of the Constitution 
  • Why she believes the Constitution’s teachings are tough
  • The significance of originalism and how to defend it
  • The impact of partisanship on the justice system 
  • Her thoughts on whether racial set asides are constitutional
  • How independent thinking and an inquisitive nature shaped her judicial philosophy

She has received numerous awards and honors throughout her distinguished career, including a 2018 Bradley Prize.