S1, Episode 3: An Interview with Dominic Pino, Journalist and Author

Posted by Benjamin Hannemann on July 31, 2023

Dominic Pino


An Interview with Dominic Pino, Journalist and Author

The latest tool to turn the tide against corporations that are active in the culture wars is the power of consumers who are willing to vote with their pocketbooks. Acting on their frustration with companies that “go woke” by boycotting their products, they are damaging some of America’s most iconic brands.

While the pushback has caused some executives to think twice about adopting marketing campaigns that reflect the priorities of progressive identity politics, others continue to forge ahead.

National Review writer Dominic Pino is our guest on this episode of Voices of Freedom. As a frequent contributor to NR’s Capital Matters, Dominic has his finger on the pulse of current economic issues and the state of free enterprise, including corporate boycotts, ESG, and labor unions.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • How to improve reporting on economic matters
  • Why industrial policy has become attractive among the younger generation
  • How to advance the case for economic freedom
  • The fight against Big Labor – how it has evolved and where it stands today
  • Corporate boycotts and the pushback against ESG
  • Rediscovering Edmund Burke as a guiding figure for conservatives

Pino is the Thomas L. Rhodes Journalism Fellow at National Review Institute. Previously, he was the William F. Buckley, Jr. Fellow in Political Journalism at National Review. He recently co-authored Edmund Burke and the Perennial Battle, 1789-1797, a compilation of Burke’s best, most accessible writings from 1789 until his death.