S2, Episode 2: An Interview with General Jack Keane

Posted by Benjamin Hannemann on February 22, 2024

General Jack Keane


An Interview with General Jack Keane, a Retired Four-Star General and Strategic Analyst

The expanding turmoil in the Middle East and the ongoing war in Ukraine indicate that 2024 will be one of global unrest and uncertainty. The unease comes at a time when the U.S. is wrestling with its role in the world. The ideological divide over America’s posture when it comes to global conflict has transcended party lines, creating greater nuance to our foreign policy. How that impacts our engagement on the world stage, particularly in a presidential election year, remains to be seen.

General Jack Keane, a leading figure on national security and foreign affairs, is our guest on this episode of Voices of Freedom. He shares his thoughts on the geopolitical environment, how the U.S. should approach international hotspots, civil society’s role during conflict, and the issues confronting the military. 

General Jack Keane is a retired four-star general and commentator, whose 37 years of public service culminated in his appointment as acting Chief of Staff and Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army.  He is the Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War, a Senior Strategic Analyst for Fox News, and a member of the Secretary of Defense Policy Board. 

Topics discussed on this episode: 

  • Whether we’re on the precipice of World War III
  • The latest developments in the Middle East
  • How the U.S. should approach the ongoing war in Ukraine
  • The surge in support for Palestine among Americans
  • How civil society impacts countries with sustained conflict
  • America’s role in the world 
  • The challenges facing the U.S. military

Gen. Keane has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  He was also a 2015 Bradley Prize winner.