On Election Integrity


Since its founding, The Bradley Foundation has been committed to advancing the principles of a free and vibrant society. Adhering to the values of our founders, our grant giving funds organizations that strengthen families and communities, foster informed citizens, promote free markets, and uphold the Constitution.

The right to vote for candidates whose ideals best represent one’s own is a bedrock of the American experiment. Fair elections at every level, whether for school board, state representative or U.S. president, are integral to the preservation of our republic.

If our election system has integrity, we continue to have faith in the democratic process — regardless of who wins or loses an election. That is why the Foundation has supported efforts that encourage voter participation and give Americans the confidence that their vote matters.

It is always reasonable and prudent to assess our election process and determine how to improve the system, as some of the organizations we support have done. An election system that ensures that each person’s vote counts and instills faith in the process should be the goal of all citizens of this exceptional country.

For more, please read Rick Graber’s recent op-ed in The Hill, Preservation of our Republic Depends on Election Integrity and watch Season 2, Episode 6 of We the People featuring J. Christian Adams, Public Interest Legal Foundation and Rick Esenberg, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.