Michael W. Grebe, President and Chief Executive Officer



Daniel P. Schmidt, Vice President for Program

Dianne J. Sehler, Director of Academic, International, and Cultural Programs

Michael E. Hartmann, Director of Research and Evaluation

Alicia L. Manning, Director of New Citizenship Programs

Janet F. Riordan, Director of Community Programs

William J. Bergeron, Librarian

Dionne M. King, Senior Program Assistant

Tris E. Withington, Program Assistant


External Relations

Jessica F. Dean, Vice President for External Relations

Benjamin M. Hannemann, Marketing and Communications Manager

Karen S. Pacioni, External Relations Assistant


Finance and Investment

Cynthia K. Friauf, Vice President for Finance

R. Michael Lempke, Vice President for Investments

Mandy L. Hess, Controller

Laura M. Davis, Accountant

Renee L. Krebs, Grants Administrator

LaVatreas L. Randolph, Accounting Assistant



Terri L. Famer, Vice President for Administration

Renée L. Narus, Administrative Assistant

Diane M. Lask, Receptionist/Clerical Assistant

Susan R. Millard, Office Assistant

Dennis H. Grueneberg, Operations