ON-Lion Letter

In honor of Black History Month, the American Veterans Center spotlighted African American patriots from across generations throughout February. A generation often overlooked for their valor are the veterans of the Korean War, commonly referred to as "The Forgotten War." Among those whose valor cannot be forgotten is James McEachin, veteran of the US Army who would go on to become a noted author and actor. 

James McEachin joined the Army in 1947, witnessing the desegregation of the Armed Forces the following year. McEachin was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division and eventually sent to Korea, where he would see heavy combat. On August 11, 1951, McEachin was tasked with serving as a point man on a mission to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade. As McEachin and his fellow soldiers advanced through the darkness, a crack of gunfire rang out. The men had walked into an ambush. 

McEachin would be one of only two men to survive the patrol. He was awarded the Silver Star for his valor. It is actions such as these that must not be forgotten, as we as Americans must strive to remember "The Forgotten War." Want to hear the rest of McEachin's story? Watch the American Veterans Center's latest video about James McEachin, narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight. 

Be on the lookout for more stories from Black patriots, such as John Weston of the 758th Tank Battalion. 

The American Veterans Center, a program of the American Studies Center, is supported by the Bradley Foundation.

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