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Legislators applaud proposal, calling it “simpler, fairer” than current tax code

[Madison, Wis…] The MacIver Institute unveiled a groundbreaking report today that would set Wisconsin on a glide path to achieving a 3 percent flat income tax, making our state more economically competitive, fair and prosperous.

The report, entitled “Glide Path to a 3 Percent Flat Income Tax: Comprehensive Tax Reform for a More Competitive Wisconsin,” lays out a proposal for an eight-year glide path to a low, flat income tax that would reduce the income tax burden for all Wisconsinites.

“This proposal would leapfrog Wisconsin ahead of our neighbors and make us more competitive in the years to come. We can’t choose our weather, but we sure can choose to be competitive in today’s economy,” said MacIver Institute President Brett Healy.

The glide path report uses evidence from a variety of sources - economic, social, and fiscal health metrics, as well as academic studies - that demonstrates the benefit of a lower and flatter income structure.

The MacIver Institute is a grantee of the Bradley Foundation

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