ON-Lion Letter
Two new books by scholars affiliated with Stanford University's Hoover Institution offer a detailed look at America's individual health-insurance market and examine its overall health-care system. 

Mark V. Pauly's Health Reform without Side Effects:  Making Markets Work for Individual Health explains how the individual-insurance market works, suggesting improvements that build on what currently works well and providing a realistic assessment of how much improvement we can demand and expect.  Pauly is a professor of health-care management, business and public policy, and insurance and risk management at the University of Pennsylvania.

Charles E. Phelps
Eight Questions You Should Ask About Our Health Care System (Even If the Answers Make You Sick) provides a comprehensive look at how the whole system evolved and how it behaves and a detailed analysis of "the good, the bad, and the ugly" parts of it -- from technological advances (the "good") to variations in treatment patterns (the "bad") to hidden costs and perverse incentives (the "ugly").  Phelps is a provost emeritus and professor of political science and economics at the University of Rochester.

Both Pauly and Phelps are members of Hoover's Working Group on Health Care Policy, which is supported by Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.
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