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In July, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) in Washington, D.C., applauded the European Union (EU) and Canada for enacting new economic sanctions designed to pressure the Iranian regime to abandon its illegal nuclear program.  The new sanctions target investors, banks, shipping firms, and insurers that do business with the Iranian energy sector, where Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a dominant force.
The EU and Canadian announcements came a month after the U.S. Congress passed sweeping new authority to sanction companies that continue to do business with Iran, as well as Iranians involved in serious human-rights abuses. 

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said, "Iran's actions and aggressive statements are an affront to the efforts of Canada and like-minded countries to ensure peace and security worldwide."  The EU adopted new restrictions on foreign trade, financial services, and the oil and gas sectors.  EU officials have said that these sanctions are "by some way the most far reaching sanctions adopted by the EU against any country."

"The Europeans and Canadians deserve praise for working with the United States to enact comprehensive energy and financial sanctions targeting those companies and persons who are complicit in Iran's illegal nuclear program, support for terrorism, and brutal human rights abuses," said FDD executive director Mark Dubowitz, head of FDD's Iran Energy Project.

"Like the U.S. sanctions bill signed into law by President Obama, the measures taken by the EU and Canada recognize the dominant role played by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran's energy and financial sectors, and are designed to persuade companies to terminate their business ties with this dangerous group," Dubowitz continued.  "These sanctions are the foundation of an economic pressure strategy to combat the regime's dangerous nuclear ambitions, support for international terrorism, and ongoing oppression of the Iranian people."

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