ON-Lion Letter
In the wake of U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' serial announcements of deep cuts in defense spending and modernization, a call to arms was issued in May by influential leaders of some of America's prominent public-policy organizations that study national security.  They call on elected officials, candidates, and the public at large to join them in advancing a 10-point platform for restoring national security by returning to the time-tested policies that President Ronald Reagan called "Peace Through Strength."

The points in the Peace Through Strength Platform contrast sharply with the policies and programmatic priorities of President Barack Obama's administration.  They can, therefore, help frame a needed debate over national-security first principles and assist the "loyal opposition” in charting and securing popular support for the needed, different course.  Such a debate, the platform signers believe, will improve the chances that the country will be both prepared for the challenges that are coming and be able to meet them in ways that safeguard the interests of the American people and others around the world who share our love for freedom.

The first five points are:  1.) renewed adherence to the national-security philosophy of President Ronald Reagan:  "Peace Through Strength;"  2.) a robust defense posture; 3.) preservation of U.S. sovereignty; 4.) a nation free of Shariah; and,
5.) protection from unlawful enemy combatants.
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