ON-Lion Letter
The May 2010 issue of VFW magazine, published by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, features an article by its publisher Richard K. Kolb on The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation's various efforts to preserve America's national identity.  Part of an edition on Memorial Day as a time for all of us to contemplate America, Korb's article profiles Bradley's past support of The Bradley Project on America's National Identity, The Bradley Commission on History in Schools, and the National Council for History Education, and its current support of VFW's own Voice of Democracy essay contest for high-school students.

In supporting these projects, "Bradley's main focus is on promoting America's national unity, shared culture, common language and defining ideals -- in short, patriotism, one of VFW's founding objectives," Kolb writes.  "Strengthening the bonds of union, preventing the sowing of the seeds of discord and avoiding balkanization are paramount."

Citing The Bradley Project's 2008 report, E Pluribus Unum, Kolb says "the Bradley Foundation stresses a laundry list of issues:  citizenship, character, republican ideals, unity, civic values, the Constitution, heritage, American heroes, historical literacy, national pride, common purpose, shared sacrifice, holidays and historic sites, patriotic school curriculum and textbooks, the flag, Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem, memorials, national sovereignty and respect for the armed forces.

"These may sound like outmoded verities to some, but to most VFW members they have genuine meaning."
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