ON-Lion Letter
America can avoid a "jobless recovery" if government simply gets out of the way, implies a new report from the Institute for Justice (IJ) in Arlington, Va.  The Power of One Entrepreneur:  Melony Armstrong, African Hairbraider documents how one single hairbraider from Tupelo, Miss., not only transformed her industry and helped create at least 300 jobs across the state, but also transformed the lives of those around her by providing economic opportunity and demonstrating how an entrepreneur can succeed in the face of tremendous odds.

"Although this report tells the story of one entrepreneur -- Melony Armstrong -- it is a story that can be told and retold through countless other entrepreneurs like her in small towns and big cities nationwide," said IJ director of strategic research Dick M. Carpenter II, the report's co-author with IJ research associate John K. Ross.  "If the impact of this one entrepreneur in a relatively small Mississippi community can be as wide, broad and deep as documented in this report, imagine the impact entire communities of unhampered entrepreneurs could create in America’s largest cities where hope and opportunity are in such great demand."

The Melony Armstrong report is the first in a series of entrepreneurial profiles that IJ is creating under its new series, "The Power of One Entrepreneur."  Other entrepreneurs to be featured in reports released early next year will be in different industries and in different regions across the nation.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports IJ.
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