ON-Lion Letter
In the cover article of its November 23, 2009, issueNational Review magazine lauds the recent work of Bradley Prize recipient Charles Krauthammer.  While the nationally syndicated columnist and Fox News commentator "has been one of America’s most important opinion journalists for about 25 years now," according to "Critic-in-Chief," by National Review senior editor Jay Nordlinger, "since January 20, 2009, his fame, reach, and popularity has burgeoned. 

"That is because he has been a brilliant critic of President Obama:  a persistent, fearless, profound critic of Obama," Nordlinger writes.  "Indeed, many conservatives, and some liberals as well, consider him the critic-in-chief.  He has been on Obama's case constantly, for his errors and follies in policy both foreign and domestic.

"Whether in writing or on the air," Nordlinger concludes, "Krauthammer dissects President Obama and his administration with a rare combination of precision and abandon. His column often crackles, and its author seems full of energy.  'It's a good time to be thinking,' he says, and 'I'm glad to be around for these days.'

"In a recent exchange, a Washington conservative said that Krauthammer reminded him of something Edward R. Murrow said about Churchill:  'He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.'  A great many are doing this, of course, from Rush Limbaugh, with a mass audience, to skillful bloggers with hardly any audience at all.  But no one is doing it better than Krauthammer, whose hour is now."
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