ON-Lion Letter
In September, the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) in Washington, D.C., released a short paper on mandatory binding arbitration.  The paper briefly analyzes the negative economic effects mandatory binding arbitration has on employee's pensions.

"[M]andatory binding arbitration is ... not voluntary and is far from fair to employers or employees," according to the paper, by AWF executive director Brian M. Johnson.

"[I]n any piece of legislation," Johnson concludes, mandatory binding arbitration "will have negative consequences for employer-employee relations that will have a drastic effect on workers' retirement and the stability of their job.  Mandatory binding arbitration ties the hands of employer-employee relations and places decisions in the hands of an external government appointed entity that has no economic stake in the viability or interests in the party as a collective."

AWF is a special project of Americans for Tax ReformThe Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation.
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