ON-Lion Letter
During the 40 or so years that preceded Hugo Chavez's seizing of power, Venezuela had the most-stable democracy in Latin America.  Thanks above all to its immense oil revenues, Venezuela enjoyed the fastest-growing economy and the highest standard of living in the region.  After Chávez seized power in 1999, however, things have changed radically.  Today, Venezuela can no longer be seen as a democracy and rather than attracting immigrants as it once did, Venezuelans themselves are fleeing the country.  Yet, somehow, the vast majority of contemporary references to Venezuela are laudatory.

In Encounter Books' new The Revolutionary Has No Clothes:  Hugo Chávez's Bolivarian Farce, the pseudonymous A. C. Clark corrects this warped take on Chávez and the "Bolivarian Revolution" in Venezuela and skewers those grotesquely admiring portraits of Chávez painted by panegyrists from Noam Chomsky to Sean Penn.  

The book explores Chávez's embarrassing public displays, perilous policy platforms, and close relationships with rogue states to reveal him for what he truly is:  a revolutionary buffoon leading a once-prosperous nation down a path to ruin.  Most shockingly, it exposes Chávez's ambitions for asymmetrical warfare against the United States and Venezuela's insidious lobbying network within our own country.

The Revolutionary Has No Clothes is the definitive portrait of one of the world's depraved leaders and a disturbing chronicle of Venezuela's decline from a prosperous democracy to an autocratic bully-state.

Encounter Books is an activity of Encounter for Culture and Education, a nonprofit group that is substantially supported by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee.
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