ON-Lion Letter
During June testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives' Ways and Means CommitteeManhattan Institute for Policy Research senior fellow David Gratzer presented health-care reforms that would not unduly expand the role of government in Americans' lives.

"Let's be clear:  American health care is in need of reform," Gratzer said.  "But as any good doctor knows, it's not enough to get the diagnosis right, we need a treatment that makes sense.  A massive expansion of Washington's role is not that treatment."

He recommended that Congress look to alternative reforms.  It should, for example, "[p]rioritize regulatory reforms that will open up true competition between existing, fully-funded insurers" and "[t]arget direct government aid to individuals who really need it, with incentives for individuals to become a powerful competitive force in the insurance marketplace."

Plus, he said, any reform should "[p]romote rapid improvement in the personal health of Americans to reduce demand on the system's most costly health-care services."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Manhattan Institute.
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