ON-Lion Letter
Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., wrote an open letter to the President and Congress in June on health care.

"Health care reform has been a central goal of The Heritage Foundation since our creation more than three decades ago, so we welcomed President Barack Obama's call for a common effort to find the right solution to this public policy challenge," Feulner's letter begins.  "We believe that putting families, not the government, in control of the system is the key to success. We want to strengthen our health system based on that principle.

Feulner details how "some proposals being made by the White House are advertised on false premises" and proposes alternative plans to "help craft a bipartisan solution to America's health care problems."  These alternatives include giving families control of their health care, reforming the tax system to make health-insurance portability a reality, bringing on competition among insurers to satisfy families, and recognizing that states are smarter than Washington at figuring out how to get the job done.

"Rather than bringing in the failed central-planning approach to health care, with the government controlling who gets what, let’s ensure access to affordable health care for all Americans," he concludes.  "Let's use the tried and tested approach of the empowered consumer in a truly competitive market."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports The Heritage Foundation.
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