ON-Lion Letter
In her Encounter book Londonistan[London] Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips documents how and explores the reasons why London has become the European hub for the promotion, recruitment, and financing of Islamic extremism and terror.  The collapse of traditional English identity and a wayward multiculturalism, according to Phillips, have caused "Londonistan" -- essentially a country within a country that is threatening Great Britain, Europe, and all of the West.
Of course, "[t]here are hundreds of thousands of British Muslims who have no truck whatsoever with terrorism, nor with extremist ideology," she notes at the outset, but taking full advantage of Britain's cultural virtue of tolerance and those policies reflecting it, terrorists and their sympathizers have preached hate and violent jihad there.

Phillips believes the English have been and are basically in denial about that which is occurring in their midst.  The consequences, including the horrific suicide bombings in London on July 7, 2005, are obvious and may get worse.

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