ON-Lion Letter
The Sand County Foundation's Bradley Fund for the Environment (BFE) has helped make strides for civil society in Tanzania.  BFE has supported the growth of a movement now led by the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) and other voluntary associations.  The movement began in 2001 as a response to abuses by government and certain some private actors in the tourism industry.

In the wake of TNRF's and its allies' efforts, a provision of the 2008 Tanzanian Wildlife Conservation Bill that would have been bad for wildlife and rural residents was defeated.  The provision's defeat forced the Tanzanian Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism to terminate a three-year hunting-concession extension.  The termination is a significant milestone, marking the first time that civil society has successfully fought corruption in the Tanzanian hunting sector.

BFE believes that the costs and benefits of wildlife should be equitably distributed between private landholders, the safari industry, and government.  For example, the volcanic plains of northwest Tanzania, which include the Serengeti National Park, provide habitat for one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles
-- the annual migration of more than a million wildebeest and other grazing animals in a circuit that extends into neighboring Kenya and covers state-protected areas and the Maasai people’s grazing lands.  The ecological integrity of this system is dependent on the land-use practices of the Maasai and that, in turn, depends on what share of the financial value of wildlife they receive. 

TNRF works to achieve a balance of interests that incentivizes the Maasai to protect the land and wildlife.
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