ON-Lion Letter
Last year, The Bradley Project on America's National Identity released its report, E Pluribus Unum -- the product of a two-year study involving a number of the nation's leading public intellectuals, policy experts, academics, educators, and opinionmakers.  E Pluribus Unum calls for a national dialogue on America's national identity.

In the immediate wake of E Pluribus Unum's release, The Washington Times joined the dialogue, with an editorial commending the report.  Early this year, in the wake of a Bradley Project open letter calling on Barack Obama to use events surrounding his Inauguration and State of the Union address to strengthen our national unity and national purpose, the Times has re-entered the conversation.

"[T]his is a crucial year in which we must move away from the danger of becoming 'From One, Many' instead of the reverse," according to the editorial, "A call for one America."  "It is therefore vital that we find common ground and ways to transmit America's heritage from one generation to the next."

The editorial refers to an op-ed column on the Bradley Project that the Times also ran on the same day, "E Pluribus Unum?" by the University of Pennsylvania's Walter McDougall and the University of Virginia's James W. Ceaser.  McDougall and Ceaser were among the open letter's signatories.

The editorial concludes, "Mr. Obama's triumph belongs to us all:  It encompasses past efforts that paved the way, present efforts that sustain him, and future generations who will benefit from the barriers he has removed.

"America has been good to Mr. Obama; he should return the favor.
"Mr. Obama:  Unite us, defend us and renew our unique trajectory in the history of the world."
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