ON-Lion Letter
In November, the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) in San Francisco released The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care:  A Citizen's Guide, the latest book from health-care scholar, and PRI president and chief executive officer Sally C. Pipes.

The book takes on 10 popular myths about the state of health care in America, including that government health care is more efficient, that we're spending too much on health care, and that 46 million Americans can't get health care.

The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care challenges the conventional belief that only government can fix our health-care system.  In fact, according to Pipes, "government overreach has put the system in a state of crisis."

The PRI book also lays out several patient-centered prescriptions for reform.  "If we want to bring costs down and extend coverage to more Americans, we have to open the health care marketplace to competition -- by abolishing costly government regulations and reforming the tax code to make insurance more affordable.

"We can solve the health care problems that plague the United States," she concludes.  "But we won't solve them if we continue to believe the many myths that plague the health care debate."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports projects at PRI.
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