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Strategic Asia 2008–09:  Challenges and Choices, the new eighth volume in The National Bureau of Asian Research’s "Strategic Asia" series, assesses the major strategic choices on Asia facing the new U.S. president and administration, as well as the broader policy community.  Through a combination of country, regional, and topical studies, it analyzes the impact of U.S. policy and geopolitical developments on Asia’s transformation over the past eight years.  

The book's timely insights provide critical context for the next U.S. administration’s approach toward Asia.

"The most critical near-term challenges remain bringing the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ongoing struggle against radical Islamist movements to a successful conclusion, while managing the threats of proliferation in North Korea and Iran," writes Carnegie Endowment for International Peace senior associate Ashley J. Tellis in his overview. 

"The most important longer-term challenge, however, will be coping with the rise of China because this event portends the possibility of a consequential power transition at the core of the global system and, by implication, the displacement of U.S. hegemony."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Seattle-based National Bureau of Asian Research.
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