ON-Lion Letter
Just before Labor Day, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) in Olympia, Wash., released its annual State of Labor report.  The report reviews significant developments in the labor movement during the past year and recommends policies that expand freedom for America’s workers.

The focus of this year's report is the expansion of public-sector collective bargaining.  As it describes, government-worker labor unions are now exploring ways to use almost any government subsidy sent to a private business as a pretext for unionizing those business owners and their workers as public employees. 

Labor's targets include day-care providers, in-home health-care workers, foster parents, and others.  These private businesses and their workers are being forced to join a union and pay dues or fees for "representation' they may not want or necessarily agree is a good idea.  By allowing these industries access to the bargaining table, private-sector workers are turning into de facto state employees, which could potentially cost states and taxpayers billions of dollars.

The '08 State of Labor concludes with recommendations for state legislators to apply open meetings laws to collective-bargaining negotiations, to ensure that union workers have access to their unions' financial statements, to enact stiff regulations protecting the paychecks of workers from unwanted union political spending, and to prohibit public-employee strikes.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports EFF.
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