ON-Lion Letter
In June, the Bradley Project on America's National Identity released its report, E Pluribus Unum -- the product of a two-year study involving a number of the nation's leading public intellectuals, policy experts, academics, educators, and opinionmakers.  The report calls for a national dialogue on America's identity.

The Project website has since attracted more than 200,000 visitors, many of whom have spoken directly to the issues and findings in E Pluribus Unum.

Everett Hayes of Suffolk, Va., for example, wrote, "An American is a person that knows that he is free and respects the freedom of others.  It means that you live in a country with many different ethnic, religious and idealistic backgrounds but we are united under one common set of laws that protect us all equally.  It means being willing to do what is right even when it is unpopular."
The Bradley Project would also like to hear what you think it means to be an American.
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