ON-Lion Letter
In early June, the Bradley Project on America's National Identity released its report, E Pluribus Unum -- the product of a two-year study involving a number of the nation's leading public intellectuals, policy experts, academics, educators, and opinionmakers.  E Pluribus Unum calls for a national dialogue on America's identity.

"[F]or all our cosmopolitanism, we still feel visceral attachments to the institutions and traditions of our own backyard," Campbell writes.  "St. Louisans were reminded of this last week with news of the buyout bid for Anheuser-Busch. 

"For many of us, aversion to a foreign takeover of 'America's brewery' stemmed as much from a gut-level revulsion to the homogenizing effects of globalization as from concerns about local job losses," she continues.  "We know that a brewery sale hardly constitutes a national disaster, but it seems to strike another blow to an increasingly endangered commodity:  our American identity.

"Critics often deride American-identity worries as mere nativism or naiveté," but the report "suggests that our concerns are justified."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee also substantially supports EPPC.
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