ON-Lion Letter
In early June, the Bradley Project on America's National Identity released its report, E Pluribus Unum -- the product of a two-year study involving a number of the nation's leading public intellectuals, policy experts, academics, educators, and opinionmakers.  E Pluribus Unum calls for a national dialogue on America's identity.

In a mid-June column, "Divided We Stand," Denver Post editorial-page editor Dan Haley praises the report, summarizing its findings and highlighting some of its own recommendations.

"Take a look at the report ...," Haley writes. "Its recommendations for healing the nation are somewhat simplistic, but there's something refreshing about them:  Celebrate our differences and our diversity, but also celebrate what we share as Americans.  Our language.  Our Constitution.  Our rights and freedoms.
"Or else," he concludes.
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