ON-Lion Letter
In early June, the Bradley Project on America's National Identity released its report, E Pluribus Unum -- the product of a two-year study involving a number of the nation's leading public intellectuals, policy experts, academics, educators, and opinionmakers.  E Pluribus Unum calls for a national
dialogue on America's national identity.

In its June 9 edition, The Washington Times editorial page lauded the E Pluribus Unum report.  "The results are disturbing and point to a growing problem that requires attention," according to the Times editorial, which notes that "[t]he study presents valuable information and provides good suggestions.

"The data presented by the Bradley Project provides hope that Americans want to reclaim their national identity," it concludes.  "A daily and long-term battle is necessary in order to resist current trends.  Reclaiming America's heritage will require the sustained and determined action of Americans in
each community for years to come."
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