ON-Lion Letter
Trial lawyers in America are trying to turn global warming into the next big wave of billion-dollar lawsuits against companies.  Following on their successes with asbestos and tobacco lawsuits, the plaintiffs' bar alleges that companies should be held liable for all damages arising from climate change on the grounds that greenhouse gas emissions by companies have caused global warming.  If they are successful with global warming, too, billions of dollars could be taken from companies -- dollars that would be better used building productivity and creating jobs.

The American Justice Partnership Foundation (AJPF) and the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) are working together to provide legal-reform advocates and companies with ongoing analysis of the trial lawyers' efforts to target companies for global-warming lawsuits and the subsequent reactions of courts to these suits.  Three briefing reports are now available online, the most-recent of which is "The Most Dangerous Litigation in America:  'Kivalina'."

Kivalina is a major federal lawsuit against 24 companies by the Native Village of Kivalina and the City of Kivalina in Alaska.  Obviously a test case, the Kivalina plaintiffs base their suit not on federal or state environmental laws, but on the public communications of the defendant companies related to their efforts to address climate change and environmental stewardship.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports AJPF.
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