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In his new Encounter Book Spiritual Enterprise:  Doing Virtuous BusinessTheodore Roosevelt Malloch explains how the creation of wealth by virtuous means is the most-important thing we can do for ourselves and others.  The book shows how the true purpose of business and illuminates the connection between a free economy and religious liberty.

Malloch is chairman and chief executive officer of the Roosevelt Group and founder of the Spiritual Enterprise Institute.  He headed consulting at Wharton-Chase Econometrics and has worked in capital markets at Salomon Brothers.

"We create wealth by producing what others find useful.  And we do this by investing our talents and hoping that ultimately they are rewarded, just as Jesus described in the parable he told two millenia ago," Malloch writes in Spiritual Enterprise.  "The critical factor in producing wealth is not land or toil or machinery.  It is entrepreneurship:  the imagining, creating and running of an enterprise.

"This cannot be done without risk, and the successful entrepreneur is one who knows how to take risks, assume responsibility for their outcome, and act responsibly towards those whom he includes in his gamble," Malloch continues.  "That is how wealth is created.  By creating wealth, we use God's gifts responsibly; and provided that we work towards that goal in a spirit of humility and gratitude, we benefit all those with whom we deal along the way."

Drawing from the notion of "social capital," Malloch adds the concept of "spiritual capital" as necessary for social progress and successful enterprise.

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