ON-Lion Letter
At a breakfast hosted by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research in New York City in April, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke about the U.S.'s ongoing mission in Iraq.

"Those who now say we can afford to turn our backs on Iraq," Cheney said, "are inviting the same kind of outcome that we saw in Afghanistan" after the American-backed Mujahadeen forced the Soviets to evacuate in the 1990s -- "a period of chaos and recrimination, a violent power struggle won by a brutal minority, a safe haven for terrorists.  The difference is that now we're in the midst of a global war on terror -- so failure in Iraq would have even more serious and far-reaching consequences."

The Vice President also lauded the Manhattan Institute for its "common sense and fresh thinking."  "The scholars and fellows of the Institute have built one of the most impressive think tanks in the country," Cheney said.  "And you do more than dwell in the world of ideas -- you know how to build a case for reform and how to set events on a new track.

"Your influence has made the difference in fields from welfare reform and crime reduction, to education policy and the fight against terrorism," he added.  "You're able to persuade policy makers because you state clear principles, gather solid evidence, and bring to the dialogue a spirit of good will and unyielding standard of intellectual honesty."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Manhattan Institute.
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