ON-Lion Letter
"The United States now has the opportunity to achieve its fundamental objectives in Iraq through the establishment of a peaceful, stable, secular, democratic state and a reliable ally in the struggle against both Sunni and Shiite terrorism," begins a March report from the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) in Washington, D.C.

Iraq:  The Way Ahead, by AEI resident scholar Frederick W. Kagan, is the fourth and final report of AEI's Iraq Planning Group.  In it, Kagan details that which is necessary to successfully seize this opportunity.

Winning the fight against terrorists and insurgents is the first necessity in Iraq, the report says, followed by mediating between hostile and disconnected groups, encouraging the growth of representative and inclusive democracy, and continuing to build the capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces to fight and sustain themselves.

Achieving these goals "would allow the United States to begin to reorient its position in the Middle East from one that relies on antidemocratic states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia to one based on a strong democratic partner whose citizens have explicitly rejected al Qaeda and terrorism in general," Kagan writes.

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