ON-Lion Letter
In his new book Out of Poverty:  What Works When Traditional Approaches FailPaul Polak details the grassroots international anti-poverty approach that he has championed for 25 years.  The top-down aid efforts of major government and private donors have failed, Polak shows, and should largely be forsaken for bottom-up, market-driven efforts that help the dollar-a-day poor earn more money through their own efforts.

Polak is the founder of International Development Enterprises (IDE), which helps poor entrepreneurs around the world from its headquarters in Lakewood, Colo.  He believes that unexploited market opportunities exist for the desperately poor around the world.  Out of Poverty describes how he and others have identified some of these opportunities and developed innovative, low-cost tools that have helped lift millions out of poverty.

The poor, according to Polak, must be part of the solution to end poverty.  They are not the causes of it.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports IDE.
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