ON-Lion Letter
The Western media these days is full of stories on China’s arrival as a superpower, some even warning that the future may belong to her.  Western political and business delegations stream into Beijing, confident in China’s economy, which continues to grow rapidly.  Crowning China’s new status, Beijing will host the 2008 Olympic Games.

But as Guy Sorman reveals in Encounter Books' new Empire of Lies:  The Truth About China in the Twenty-First Century, China’s success is, at least in part, a mirage.  True, 200 million of her subjects, those fortunate enough to be working in an expanding global market, enjoy a middle-class standard of living.  The remaining one billion, however, are among the poorest, most-exploited people in the world.  Popular discontent simmers, especially in the countryside, where it often flares into violent confrontation with Communist Party authorities.  In truth, China’s economic “miracle” is rotting from within.

In Empire of Lies, Sorman explains how the West has conferred greater legitimacy on China than do the Chinese themselves.  The French journalist, economist, and philosopher has visited China regularly for 40 years and spent most of the past three years exploring her teeming cities and remotest corners.  The book, a culmination of these travels, is perhaps the only one on China that lets the Chinese people speak for themselves.

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