ON-Lion Letter

The MacIver News Service Reports on the Classroom Activities of Public School Eighth Graders.

In the school library at O'Keeffe Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin, an eighth-grader is presenting her homework assignment to the class.

"When people started calling us 'lesbians' that kind of sank her. Just a little more weight on top of her shoulders. It scared me that some nights I wouldn't be there to hold her," the girl recited.

A boy later presents his poem, "And in bed we abbreviate our intentions in weighty osculations, and my tears over you will be libations creating tiny pools of salty devastation atop your soft spot."

Another girl asks rhetorically, "Why is it when I have sex I'm a slut, but when he does it, he's a god?"

"He was addictive like heroin or cocaine. The type where each time he kissed me, I injected them into my bloodstream," another poem reads.

MacIver News Service began investigating this classroom activity after receiving a tip from a Madison resident concerned that the material was inappropriate for children in 8th grade. Students in 8th grade are typically around 13 years old.

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