ON-Lion Letter

New Report by National Association of Scholars Exposes Disturbing Trend

The current, widespread public misconception of the purposes of the Electoral College is, perhaps, a leading indicator of the state of Civics Education in American schools and universities. The teaching of a basic understanding of the American form of government, formerly a mainstay of citizen education, has been usurped to conform to a political agenda.

NAS has issued a report which demonstrates that what passes for Civics Education in Universities bears no resemblance to the basics of Constitutional government and how a bill is passed. Instead, the curriculum focuses on on Social Justice, Advocacy, Sustainability, and Student Service to progressive organizations.

The New Civics seeks to insert progressive advocacy into every aspect of higher education, inside and outside the college. A Crucible Moment summons higher education institutions to make civic learning “pervasive” rather than “peripheral.”8 “Pervasiveness” justifies the extension of progressive propaganda and advocacy by student affairs staff and other academic bureaucrats into residential life and “co-curricular activities”—everything students do voluntarily outside of class. It also justifies the insertion of progressive advocacy into every class, as well as making progressive activism a hiring and tenure requirement for faculty and staff.

NAS has held two public events entitled Losing The Republic: The Progressive Hijack Of Civics Education, to make known the findings of the report.

National Association of Scholars is a grant recipient of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.


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