ON-Lion Letter
In the Winter 2008 edition of Wisconsin InterestMarquette University Law School professor Rick Esenberg reminds us that "Wisconsin was once a welfare magnet, drawing people from states where benefits were, at the very most, several hundred dollars per month lower than they were here."  The impact of welfare migration, however, could be dwarfed by a proposed state health-care plan that, if it became law, would turn Wisconsin into "a magnet for those who are likely to incur tens or thousands of dollars in health care costs," he warns.

The state health-care plan passed last year in the Wisconsin senate would "create an entitlement that exists nowhere else in the United States," Esenberg notes in the cover article, "Making Wisconsin the Health Care Migration Capital."  Because courts have struck down residency requirements for such benefits, "it seems inescapable that we would see medical migration, i.e., people choosing to move to Wisconsin and stay here because they can get something here that they cannot get elsewhere.

"Those who would come here," he continues, "are likely to be disproportionately made up of those for whom health insurance is particularly important or difficult to get. 
Wisconsin Interest is edited by author and commentator Charles J. Sykes, who hosts radio and television talk shows on Milwaukee's WTMJ.  It is published by The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) in Thiensville, Wis.  The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports WPRI.
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