ON-Lion Letter

A campus branch of Young America’s Foundation was told by Saint Louis University (SLU) that advertisements for a visiting speaker could not use the words “radical Islam”. Meanwhile, SLU President Fred Pestello called former U.S. Congressman Allen West a “provocateur” in an email sent to students. The University then tried to dictate the content of the proposed speech.

“This is what happens when students attempt to bring one conservative speaker to a liberal campus,” said YAF spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky. “Threatened leftists do everything they can to erect obstacles.” 

In response to the uproar, Congressman West wrote an op-ed calling offended students “little cupcakes”, and accused the administration of censorship. 
Before the Congressman’s speech began, the SLU Rainbow Alliance and Muslim Students Association filled many of the seats in the auditorium, choosing to stand and walk out when he took the stage. 

The staged demonstration did not deter Congressman West from speaking. A 22-year military man, and  veteran of two Middle-East conflicts, he spoke of his personal experiences dealing with Islamic terrorism.  He urged students to understand that Islamic terrorism is not related to American politics, pointing out that on September 11th terrorists did not distinguish between Democrats and Republicans. “They came looking to kill Americans,” he said.

Young America’s Foundation (YAF)  is supported by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

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