ON-Lion Letter
The Center for Education Reform (CER) in Washington, D.C., evaluates state charter-school laws in a mid-February report.  Minnesota has the strongest charter-school laws, according to the evaluation, while Mississippi has the weakest.

"If Mississippi parents want to get the most value out of the school taxes they pay, they may want to consider moving to Minnesota," CER president Jeanne Allen said.  "The effectiveness of charter schools is directly related to the strength of the underlying laws.  States with the strongest laws have the most successful schools and parents in those schools are getting the best educational values."

Forty states and the District of Columbia have charter-school laws.  In addition to Minnesota, seven other states received an "A" grade from CER.  They are D.C., Michigan, Arizona, California, Florida, Delaware, and Indiana.

CER's grades are based on dozens of criteria, including whether the law:  allows for multiple charter authorizers, limits the number of charters, permits funding to follow the students to whatever schools they choose to attend, imposes burdensome controls on the schools, and frees schools from local collective-bargaining obligations.

Summaries of all of the charter laws, and how they meet the criteria, are available online.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports CER.
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