ON-Lion Letter
With its special, expanded September 2016 issue, according to its introductory note, "The New Criterion embarks upon its thirty-fifth season.  As we've had occasion to point out on previous anniversaries, the longevity of The New Criterion is itself noteworthy.  Serious cultural periodicals tend not to be long lived.  Ones that are as independent-minded and outspoken as The New Criterion enjoy an especially parlous existence.  Which is to say that three-and-a-half decades is not just notable, it is astonishing."

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee has supported The New Criterion since 1986.

"From the beginning, The New Criterion has warned about the politicization of culture, the subjection of culture to political imperatives," according to the note.  "The triumph of political correctness represents the perfection of that subjugation. 

"But is not The New Criterion a conservative organ?" it then asks.  "And is not the ambition to conserve a sphere of culture 'uncontaminated by political influences' itself political?  In a sense, the answer is Yes. 

"It is political in the sense that it rests upon the affirmation of a certain vision of the world, a vision according to which we recognize a common culture worth preserving for its own sake, free from the intrusion of the enfeebling provincialism of contemporary political imperatives,” it concludes.  "The issue, at the end of the day, is not so much the presence of politics in culture as the absence of non-politics. 

“For well nigh thirty-five years, The New Criterion has endeavored to stand up for the integrity of our common cultural inheritance, the enabling pressure of its rich and multifarious claims on our allegiance.  With this issue, we embark on the next thirty-five."
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