ON-Lion Letter
Since June, the Freedom Foundation in Olympia, Wash., has been airing television advertisements in the King County/Puget Sound cable market about three home-based caregivers who object to their treatment by the SEIU.

The Freedom Foundation has an outstanding video-production team with a keen ability to capture the stories of the real people harmed by the union financial-shakedown racket.  Despite union rhetoric about "the workers," the truth is the union bosses are building an empire of money and power by exploiting their ability to siphon resources from the people who actually earned it.

In one of the ads, Everett resident Michelle Peterson, who provides care for her daughter, tells how she was angered that SEIU 775 was raking off a percentage of the funds earmarked by Medicaid to provide that care.

"The union has been using my money to fund lawsuits in order to keep us in the dark about our rights," she explains in the commercial.  "I don't think the union is honest about how they use our money.  They use it to fund their own agenda."

Milwaukee's Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation substantially supports the Freedom Foundation.
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