ON-Lion Letter

For nearly 40 years, Washington and much of the American public have held up disclosure and campaign-finance laws as ideals, and the path to cleaner and freer elections.  Bradley Prize recipient Kimberley Strassel's new The Intimidation Game:  How the Left is Silencing Free Speech shows through first-hand accounts how both have been hijacked by the Left as weapons against free speech and free association, becoming the most-powerful tools of those intent on silencing their political opposition.

Strassel is a member of The Wall Street Journal's editorial board.

In the book, she provides a chilling expose of political scare tactics and overreach, including:  how Citizens United set off a wave of liberal harassment against conservative politicians; the targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service; how Wisconsin prosecutors, state attorneys general, and a Democratic Congress shut down political activists and businesses; and the politicization by the Obama administration of a host of government agencies.

The Intimidation Games shines a much-needed light on how liberal governance and the Democratic machine bullies the political process.

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