ON-Lion Letter
According to Mitch Pearlstein's introduction to a June report from Minneapolis' Center of the American Experiment (CAE), "it's time to focus intensely on the very culture that leads to so many babies coming into this world outside of marriage.  To so many husbands and wives divorcing.  To so many cohabiting couples going their separate ways so quickly.  To so many children caught up and hurt by it all, often seriously.  To so much 'churning,' as sociologist Andrew Cherlin has summed up the disruption, pain, and damage.

"Hence," continues CAE founder and senior fellow Pearlstein, "this symposium:  Specifically, What Must We Do to Repair Our Culture of Massive Family Fragmentation?"

The symposium features 35 essays by 36 men and women on the question.  They include Bradley Prize recipients Ward Connerly, Heather Mac Donald, and Robert L. Woodson, Sr.

Among the answers:  providing more compelling examples in the cultures of healthy and happy families, including by trying to influence that which Hollywood puts out; courageously reintroducing the concept of shame for harmful behavior; encouraging responsible, indeed "revalorizing," fatherhood; and reviving faith and religiosity.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee supports CAE's work on family fragmentation.
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