ON-Lion Letter
This month, the Witherspoon Institute begins its series of 2016 summer seminars for young faculty, as well as high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  These intensive programs examine vital moral questions in social, philosophical, legal, and political thought.  With discussions guided by leading scholars from the United States and Great Britain, the seminars comprise the core of the Institute’s efforts to assist the next generation of scholars in reflecting on truly human questions.  

The seminars vary in length from four days to two weeks and are all held on the campuses of Princeton University and Princeton Theological Seminary.  This year’s seminars focus on a variety of topics, such as medical ethics and natural law; the ancient philosophical tradition and its influence in the Christian moral life; natural-law moral reasoning and its application to public affairs; the relationship between natural law and the theologico-political question; the relationship between religion and politics in the period of the American Revolution, founding, and early republic; the moral foundations of law; and the writings of Thomas Aquinas as they pertain to the topics of nature, physics, and biology.  Descriptions of each seminar may be found online.

The Witherspoon Institute is an independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic societies.  Located in Princeton, N.J., the Institute promotes the application of fundamental principles of republican government and ordered liberty to contemporary problems through a variety of research and educational ventures.

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation in Milwaukee substantially supports the Witherspoon Institute.

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